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Doin' What I'm Supposed To Do

Delmark DE 875 (August 2022)
Compact Disc

Featuring Mike Wheeler & Deitra Farr

Demetria Taylor's album "Doin' What I'm Supposed to Do," a gem from Delmark Records, showcases a dynamic blend of traditional Chicago blues and contemporary expression. The album gains an added depth with the skilled guitar work of Mike Wheeler, bridging the gap between classic blues rhythms and modern sensibilities.

Throughout the album, Demetria's powerful voice takes center stage, bringing life to a variety of emotionally charged songs. The title track, "Doin' What I'm Supposed to Do," exemplifies her ability to connect deeply with her blues roots while infusing her music with a personal touch.

A standout track is "Blues Early This Morning," a duet with the acclaimed

Demetria Taylor Doin What Im Supposed To Do.jpg

Listen to a preview of the album below:

blues legend Deitra Farr. This rendition is a heartfelt tribute to Demetria’s father, Eddie Taylor Sr., reinterpreting one of his classic songs with both reverence and freshness. 

"Doin' What I'm Supposed to Do" is an album that spans the rich spectrum of the blues, underlining Demetria's versatility and passion. It’s a testimony to her significant role in the ongoing evolution of the blues, appealing to long-standing enthusiasts and newcomers alike with its authentic and spirited sound.

Purchase "Doin' What I'm Supposed to Do" directly from Delmark Records at this link or from Amazon at this link.

Bad Girl by Demetria Taylor.jpg

Listen to a sample of "Bad Girl" below:

Bad Girl

Delmark DE 814 (May 2011)
Compact Disc

Featuring Billy Branch, Eddie Shaw, Big Time Sarah, Eddie Taylor Jr., Shun Kikuta, Roosevelt Purifoy, Greg McDaniel and Pookie Styx.

Demetria's debut album, "Bad Girl," released by Delmark Records, is a stirring entry into the blues genre that pays homage to her legendary father, Eddie Taylor, while showcasing her own formidable talent. This album is not just a tribute; it’s a bold statement of Demetria’s unique voice in the blues world.

Featuring a lineup of blues luminaries like Billy Branch, Eddie Shaw, and Big Time Sarah, along with Eddie Taylor Jr., Shun Kikuta, Roosevelt Purifoy, Greg McDaniel, and Pooky Styx, "Bad Girl" is rich in collaborative spirit and musical mastery. Each track is infused with the soul and passion that is synonymous with Chicago blues.

The album includes a poignant rendition of “Bad Boy,” a nod to Eddie Taylor’s 1955 hit, reimagined as “Bad Girl” in a fitting tribute to her late father. This track resonates with the deep-rooted history of blues and Demetria's personal connection to its legacy.

Beyond revisiting her father's work, Demetria firmly establishes her own identity in the blues scene. At 38, having won the B.L.U.E.S. on Halsted Blues Diva Contest 2010 and performed at the Chicago Blues Festival three times, her experience and talent shine throughout the album.

"Bad Girl" features an electrifying duet with Big Time Sarah on “Wang Dang Doodle,” a song that captures the vibrant energy of the blues. Other standout tracks like “I’m A Woman/Hoochie Coochie Woman,” “All Your Love,” “Goin’ Back To Mississippi,” “When You Leave,” and “Big Boss Man,” showcase Demetria’s dynamic range and emotional depth.

This debut album is a journey through the heart of the blues, from powerful vocal performances to soul-stirring collaborations. "Bad Girl" is not just a collection of songs; it's an experience that reflects Demetria Taylor’s deep roots in the blues tradition and her emergence as a potent force in the genre.

Purchase "Bad Girl" directly from Delmark at this link or via Amazon at this link. 

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